Saturday, November 15, 2008

Living Room

Here are some pictures of our newly painted living room! YAY! It's finally finished. It's a small but cozy living room that runs off of the dining room. It has high ceilings, and nicely detailed windows. The wood pillars are a nice feature too.

We love the fact that most of our furnishings are from family. It helps remind us of them. We love our new couches and side table from Jeff and Moni! The chairs our from my mom, and The TV is from Derek and Kimmy (badly needs to be in an armoire). The trunk is from a garage sale, and I picked up the rug for $3.00 at an estate sale. The old milk jug with flowers in it is from Grammie, and statue of the lady is from Heidi. The coffee table was thrifted. It's been so much fun decorating our new home, but it really is hard when we're on such a tight budeget. Lucky for us, we have incredibly generous family and friends!

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  1. Oh Beautiful! I love that you have decorating magazines out on the table just like someone else I know! (Funny how we turn into mom, huh?) Your'e house is beautiful!! I lovethe photos on the wall! That living room is begging to hear the pitter patter of all your neices and nephews feet!! I love you