Sunday, November 16, 2008


This morning when I woke up to let the dogs out, what did I find in the mudroom but a little gray mouse! I'm just getting over my horrible fear of mice (thanks, mom). Normally I would have screamed and gotten back into bed and been upset all day, but instead I grabbed the cat, lifted up the dryer and shoved her under there. I didn't even know if it was actually under there, and my arms were getting tired of holding the dryer up so as not to squish her. Then all of a sudden... WHAM! I heard a loud thump, and out comes kitty holding it by the tail. After that the dogs busted in and all three of them sat around and batted the poor thing around. I started to feel kind of sorry for it, it was just a baby after all. But I do have peace of mind that its gone. Thanks Creature!

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