Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter Projects

Oh, snow, please go away! I'm ready to get on with my life, onto bigger and better things! I'm ready to put on my wellies and get out into the garden that I have yet to plant. The constant chill in the air makes me feel like there is no end in sight for this stubborn winter. I've been wanting to grow something. I have a few ideas so far: Wheatgrass in different pots around the house and on the kitchen window sill, an herb garden in an old tin bucket for cooking, and spring bulbs planted in china teacups. I got these directions from the Farmchicks blog for planting wheatgrass. How easy is this? Now if I can just remember to water the poor thing.

DIY Wheatgrass

1.) Fill your container of choice with potting soil.
2.) Sprinkle with wheat berry seeds and gently press so the seeds are in good contact with the soil.
3.) Place anywhere you need a touch of springtime color and water daily.
Wheat berries are readily available in the bulk food section of most grocery stores.
A spray bottle mist is the perfect way to water the seeds until they are established.
If the wheatgrass gets too long, give it a little haircut.

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