Monday, June 22, 2009

I just realized that I have yet to post about my favorite business in all of Spokane.
Top Stitch! I adore everything about this sewing shop.
I love the owner, Carrie, I love the sweet ladies that work there,
I love the sweet friends I've made at the ingenious "stitching cafes," and oh my goodness do I love all the fabric eye candy!!

Carrie has fabrics from Anna Marie Horner, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and so many more. I am going to have to ask my husband for a weekly allowance since every time I go there I seem to drool over new fabrics or patterns...

It's a serious addiction! If you are ever in Spokane and you are inclined to sew you should definately check out the Top Stitch.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog through The Lettered Cottage blog I believe...spotted Spokane in the address and had to check it out! I live in Spokane too and read some of the blogs you do as well! I had been going to a quilt store in the valley called the Quilting Bee for awhile now but just recently discovered Top Stitch...wish I had been going there all along! I am a beginner with sewing but have made a couple of easy quilts and it is so much fun! Nice to "meet" you!