Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ideas that are floating around in my head

*Ride my bike to the neighborhood greenhouse and fill my basket with flowers

*Attend Stitch cafe's every saturday until I can sew all the things I dream up

*Go to the farmer's market on the weekend

*Attend church again, I haven't been able to sit up straight long enough since my surgery.

*Go yard sailing and estate sailing on the weekends especially looking for books to read

*Stick to an organized chore chart daily

*Make DH exciting and exotic lunches for work

*Get serious about coupon clipping + squeeze more out of our budget into savings

*Take Stella for daily walks

*Plan a romantic date every week

*Make a quilt

*Go on an easy hike, pick and press flowers to display and scrapbook

*Swim at Aunt Candy's lake house

*Go berry/apple picking and make pies

*Go camping as soon as I can sleep on the ground (or talk DH into bringing a mattress)

This Fall~

*Go horseback riding at Brandon's Grandpa's ranch

*Make new friends, invite said friends over for a fancy supper. *Ideally start a supper club.

*Perfect family recipe for Taffy Pull

*Knit a hat

*Plan and make all my Christmas presents before December hits

*Take my residents (I do activities at a nursing home) to Greenbluff farms for apple cider and dancing


  1. oh such sweet and beautiful aspirations! Sigh!
    I love your heart and whimsyness. it is wonderful to find a dream in you.
    Your children are going to be so blessed with a mommy like you. The kind that acually dreams of what kind of mother they will be like, is the mother that is amazing.
    I am so excited and blessed to be a part of your life Chany. I truly am.
    And here is the promised link to a few pictures of my house. Things have changed a bit since I took these pictures. So, it is a bit cozier since.......
    I love you Chany!

  2. Here is another link for the outside pictures of our house!
    And I really, really want to take you here ( when you come to visit!

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your posts Chantel. I really like all your pictures and your comments about waiting for your future baby, and your recovery. I hope that it comes quickly for you - you certainly have the right attitude. My best to you - thank you so much for visiting me at my blog - I really appreciate it.