Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do you ever feel like you have agreed to far too much, over-extended yourself for the ones you love? This is one of those months for me. I am still in recovery from my surgery, and most days I just want to sleep. I really should have eased back into work, but not me! I jump right back into eight hour days.

I also could really use a weekend to rest after this sudden jump in my activity level. Because of everything that I've committed to, I will not have a weekend home until late August. Last weekend I went to Wenatchee for two wedding showers, next weekend I'm going to Seattle for a Bachelorette party, then comes the wedding following weekend, after that I have a family reunion in Oregon, the weekend after that it's back to Seattle for my follow-up appointments....

I just want to scream!! I am so exhausted. I miss lazing on the couch with my sweetheart, catching up on housework or projects around the house, and more than that, I miss sleeping!

Do you ever feel like you have to ignore your own needs in order to just keep up with life? These obligations I've made are very important, and I can't break a single one.

Normally I am a summer girl, but this year I find myself looking forward to fall.
I seem to feel a sense of renewal when the leaves start to change. I love seeing all the shiny school supplies on display in the stores! I feel like fall is an extra break we get in life. A time to pause and prepare for the business that will come in the following winter months. A time to collect nuts in my cheeks for winter months! A time when everything slows down a little.

Even though I can't prevent the craziness of the coming weeks, I can still do little things to ease my daily workload.

One thing that is making me smile is thinking of the pork roast in my slow cooker and the loaf in my breadmaker that will be ready to greet me when I get home tonight.

I am really trying to spend my free time wisely, especially since there seems to be so little of it lately. These days life seems to be moving at an uncontrollable pace, and though it's hard to keep up at times, I do so enjoy it.

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