Monday, October 26, 2009

Today is a very sad day.
I watched one of my favorite ever ladies draw her last breath.
Comeletta, or Commie as we called her, was beautiful, witty and a complete joy to
everyone who knew her. I will always remember her knack for scrabble, and the many hours
we spent working just a little bit longer on those thousand piece puzzles we conquered together.
She taught me so much about living graciously. The differences in our age had no merit to the fact that we were kindred spirits. I will always admire her for her strength and
inner beauty. She raised ten wonderful and rambunctious children who loved her immensely. She somehow kept them in order while still keeping that sweet, quiet whisper of a voice that was so soothing to listen to. My life is infinitely better just because our lives crossed for a short while.
Rest now, sweet friend. I know the arms of Jesus hugged your weary spirit extra tight today.

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  1. I'm so sorry Chantel. That has got to be so hard to work in the line of work you do and see so many people in their last days. So special that you were able to make a sweet friend and I'm sure you blessed her life as much as she blessed yours. Hugs to you friend.