Monday, February 8, 2010

God is so good.
That seems to be my theme for this year so far. I just can't marvel enough
at what a wonderful God I serve. Last year was a very tough year for us, financially
and in regards to health. This year things seem to be getting better and better.

We just received some information about the car accident claim we have been waiting on
for a year. It turns out that with the settlement money, we will be able to wipe out our debt.
I just can't tell you what a relief this is. We are lucky to not have a large amount of debt, thankfully Brandon's grandparents paid for all his college, which has been such a blessing. When Brandon lived in England he used a credit card for all of his main expenses, and though we have paid a good part of it off, it has been looming over our heads for some time now. That and my accumulating medical bills.

I know we won't be debt free forever, we still don't have the house in our name and we do have a baby coming, but to be able to wipe the slate clean with our finances makes me giddy with joy.

I have really been convicted about how we spend our money. We are considering taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes in our area. We really want to be more intentional about our spending. In the meantime, I will be making these to both provide eye candy and to get me motivated about the cash system. You can find this great tutorial here.

I am beyond excited to feel in control, to budget, to meal plan and to save. With baby on the way, we have no choice but to change our ways. I'm just so very grateful for unexpected blessings.


  1. Yay! That is awesome news! And your little cash system envelope is just beyond cute! Maybe if I had something that cute I would be successful with that too!

  2. Hi Chantel, I've been blog lurking ever since Chelle mentioned you. :) I just wanted to say to go for the FPU w/Dave Ramsey. We don't have any in our area, but we do have the CD's and Mike listens to him on the radio and we have the book and envelope system. But I have to say the best tool is the online "Gazelle Budget" program. Such a huge blessing! It is well worth the $9 a month. (and the 1st month is free)
    Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know your going to be out of debt? And you don't ever have to be that way again? It's been really good for us and our marriage.
    Ok, I'll hush now. :)

  3. PS. that business card you have in your wallet, I have the exact same ones!