Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dining Room Details

Oh my goodness, for those of you that managed to wait nine months to find out the sex of your baby, I applaud you. We have our ultrasound a week from Thursday, and it is driving me bananas! So even though for the past several months I have gone to sleep with nursery ideas swimming in a current through my head, I will take a deep breath, put them on hold, and focus on something else for a moment.

That being our sad and lackluster dining room (if you can call it that). When I we first moved in, I couldn't handle the lack of privacy with all the large windows and immediately went out to purchase the cheapest window coverings I could, always knowing that someday I would change them to something that suits are taste more appropriately.

While someday still isn't today, I will at least share with you some of my ideas. The dining room is an awkward space that shoots off of the living room. It has three large bay windows and an odd but still workable place for a dining table, and a bit of wall space for a dish cupboard or buffet table. Right now I have bulky cream curtains that don't let in a lot of light and don't do much to make the space inviting. So I am dreaming of sewing some cute cafe curtains, much like these.

My biggest inspiration for the curtains is a patchwork apron from Anthropologie that has an adorable amount of ric-rac. Here is the apron and the fabrics I'm thinking of using. They are all by Heather Bailey. I've also had my eye on this table cloth from Anthropologie, for a year now. To my surprise, they still have it in stock. I imagine my luck will run out soon if I don't snatch it up.

Whew, that wasn't so bad. Although I do have to admit that half way through posting this I was thinking about how sweet the fresh green would look in a little boys nursery...


  1. Love your eye. Love your writing style. Love your inspirations. Love your baby, who ever he or she ( knock, knock tummy : ) may be. Holding my breath with you for the news you will have, a week and two days from now.

  2. I love the inspiration pics you put together. They are so bright and cheery. Oh- so exciting you'll find out if it's a boy or girl!