Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here is just a small taste of the beautiful sunrises I have been spoiled with in Hawaii. Our time here is winding down quickly, and soon we will have to return to the daily grind. Usually about this time during a vacation, I am feeling depressed and sad to be going home.

This time I feel such a strong sense of renewal that I am excited to pick up life where we left off.

Also, I can't tell you how much better I feel after eating the way my inlaws do for two weeks. I feel vibrant, and refreshed, and so good about what I've been feeding the baby. They eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and mostly raw foods. While I am not interested in jumping on that bandwagon, I know I need to make more of an effort to plan and cook the healthiest of meals.

When I get home, I can't wait to make some time for sewing. My head is just spinning with ideas. I can't wait to start some new projects and finish some old ones.

It probably won't be until after I get home that I round up all the pictures and post about our time actually in Hawaii, but for now, I just wanted to touch on a few things that have been on my heart.

 You'll be in my thoughts all you lovelies!

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