Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a brand new day...

Oh how I've missed you. I had to take a hiatus from blogging because I just didn't have it in me.

To be honest, I have been in quite the little funk lately.
We had two miserable trips to the hospital in one week
One to stop my labor, and one to find out that my labor pains are prodrominal, and could
last for weeks.

I've been on an emotional roller coaster

But this past weekend was absolutely amazing in every way.  And after such a delightful weekend, I am *almost* good as new.

My family made the long drive from Seattle for my baby shower.  It was a perfect diversion.

We had a really special, really memorable  maternity photo shoot with the talented Andi Mae, and even though we had to cut it short because I wasn't feeling well, it was incredibly special  and so fun to see Andi in her element!

Sunday was a beautiful sunshine filled day, and we arrived at Chelle's house for my much anticipated shower.
It was such a blessing to see the turn out! All of the dearest women in my life under one roof!

I really wish I had photos. It's just too hard to describe how special it was.  I barely made it through the front door before being brought to tears...

Strung across Chelle's mantel was a banner of the photographs from the day before.  A beautiful framed photo captured the day. It was too special for words. Truly. 

The dining room was decorated with Gage's nursery colors everywhere.  So much attention paid to the littlest of details.

A gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous beyond belief) dessert buffet that consisted of:

Mason jars filled with delicious chocolate mousse
The tiniest and prettiest pies you have ever seen!
Mini red velvet cupcakes (my absolute favorate!)
Pretty melt-in-your-mouth merengues
Pitchers of lemonade
Farm Chicks Iced coffee
And a candy bar complete with swedish fish + chocolate covered gummis + cinnamon bears,
and even mini pickles!

It was beyond my wildest dreams.  I could tell all the guests were blown away as well.

All of the games were thoughtful and unique

Andi  ran a photo booth so I could capture memories with each guest

There was lots of hearty laughter + heartfelt gifts

I'm still pinching myself.

I think my favorite part (and oh how hard it is to choose!) was seeing the talents and
personalities of each dear hostess coming through.

Courtney's decorative touches and magazine worthy displays

Andi's beautiful photography that took my breath away

Chelle's handmade creations and thoughtful ideas, for instance having the guests write in their favorite
children's book instead of a card. So clever!

All of their collaborative baking skills!

It was a labor of love, and do I ever feel loved!

So today, even though I hardly slept, and my body is fighting me to stay in bed,
I am all a glow from head to toe over the most thoughful and dear friends, that
I couldn't have dreamed up had I tried.


  1. so bummed and a tad bit jealous not to be able to join in showering you and little Gage - he has a name now!! :)

    Sounds like a dream shower - don't those girls just know how to throw an amazingly meaningful and sweet party?

    Praying for you as you reach the home stretch now!

  2. I'm so glad for your amazing, amazing shower. Seeing the photos on Courtney's blog, talking to Chelle about it, reading your description--I'm so glad you were so blessed by these women! You are LOVED and so is little Gage!

  3. It was SO beautifully and thoughtfully done! I had so much fun and am so happy to see you are so taken care of while the sissies live far away!! I Love you and my little nephew!