Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Remember when Brandon took a sledgehammer to our linen closet?
We're not there yet, but we are slowly (very slowly) adding in a bathroom


The tile is up, although this doesn't do it justice

The built-ins are ready to be, well.. built in!

The walls are ready for beadboard and paint
I've even picked out the towels!

My favorite part is the new bathtub that allows me to take nightly bubble baths! I would never have had one if it weren't for my clever friend Andi suggesting to Brandon that it's really hard to bathe toddlers in a shower stall! Thanks Andi! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Still to do: Prime and paint walls and beadboard, tile vanity and tile the floor.  We're getting close!


  1. The tile is gorgeous! And I love the towels and the little hook thing...can't wait to see it completed! You two are doing a wonderful job!

  2. cute :)
    and I love those towels ...
    we need finished product photos for sure too !!!

  3. The other thing that is hard about bathing toddlers is when the faucets in the tub are on the end of the tub that is next to the toilet, you can hardly fit in there when you are pregnant with the next one if the toilet is too close. Ah, those joys of motherhood that we gladly put up with!

    The tile is looking lovely. You are a talented couple!