Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have been burning my fingers all week since my cute little potholder found its way into the dogs bed.  Dishtowels just don't seem to cut it, and yes, I know I should have more than one potholder.  In fact, I think I should have at least ten.  Check out these adorables featured here

I think it's high time I got to work on some new accessories for my kitchen. And since the sewing machine will be on the dining room table anyways, I might as well get started on one of these..

And while I'm at it, I might as well whip out a few of these

You know, with all the extra time I have on my hands. Hmm...

Maybe a craft night is in order?


  1. lol! Yes, but only if I can come!
    How ARE all of the projects coming along?? I love to come on here and read. You are such a good teller of stories.
    Love you so Channy!

  2. Oh please, oh please! I'm up to my neck in projects.. things kind of fall apart when you have a busy 5 month old, as you well remember! Love you!!