Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have come down with a horrid case of the flu.  I can't remember the last time I had a flu like this.
I've been in bed mostly for the past two days.  And while this flu is horrible, I am appreciating the slowing down of things.  A chance to rest without feeling guilty, to hear the soft pour of boiling water into my favorite tea cup, to read a good book.  That is all with the help of dayquil-- of course.

And although I have been in my pajamas for the past few days, I am in great company.
I'm having the hardest time not covering my Gage in his usual amount of kisses.
It's so hard not to pull him close for a snuggle.  I just cannot seem to warm up today.  These chilly days that start out sunny are more of a tease than anything.  I'm looking forward to the warm sunshine, where the days aren't over before they begin.... Filling our pots with bright annuals that welcome us home each day... Tilling the soil of that long anticipated garden we've been planning... Trying once more to grow grass in our miserably barren back yard...

Brandon just got called into work for the evening, so it looks it's going to be a rather lonely, chilly evening.  I'll just have to snuggle up with two more than willing dogs and that good book I've been thinking about, and await the return of my sweet, hard working husband.

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  1. Right there with ya now! I got the sniffles and aches, but it is going to be over soon. I love you so Channy, I am sorry you have been sick! I know you will make up for the kisses lost! lol
    XO, Minta