Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For as long as I can remember, I have had a dream.
A dream to have a large family.  Too large for most.
A dream to carry babies safely in my womb,
then in my arms,
to raise them up in a home abundant with love,
to hold little hands,
to wipe little tears,
to hold hands growing larger still,
to raise confident, capable, purposeful children.
To always have an open home, filled with laughter
A comforting life, but not too comfortable--
to somehow give them the understanding that this life is but a blink of an eye
to raise up sweet little boys, to somehow be courageous men
to raise up sweet little girls to somehow be virtuous women
To hold the weathered hand of my love,
to swing on a creaky old porch swing with him and to know what he is thinking
to know what the crinkle of his crows feet and the slow smile pulling from the corners of his mouth means..
By the grace of our God, we did good.
Because in my short life, I have caught a glimpse of what it means to age, to wither and die.
I have discovered that at the end of one's life on this temporary earth, possessions become worthless
Bank accounts empty.
I have learned that what brings a smile to an aged face is nothing other than hope in Jesus and a dear loved one.
So it is my dream to have hope growing stronger always.
and to have many loved ones.


  1. So, so beautiful, Chantel. You have a beautiful heart, through which Jesus shines so brightly. You've so beautifully expressed your desires here...thank you for sharing.

  2. so beautiful dear sister! I so appreciate your sweet spirit! I was playing a little mermaid tape for Ax, and when I pushed play I heard two tiny voices yelling and fighting, and it was you and Chels! So funny!! I will have to show you!