Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello, dear friend,
Although my blog is a small little corner, and I can't boast about a long list of readers,
I do love to imagine to myself about you, whomever you may be as you read my little musings.

Do you sit with a cup of creamy coffee, using the early sunshine as your light as you take comfort
in your morning blog roll?

Or do you squeeze in time after the kids are in bed, and give yourself an
 excuse to let the dishes sit in their bubble bath while you catch up in blogland?

Whomever and wherever you may be, know that I consider you a friend.
I was thinking just this morning about how many sweet friendships I have to be thankful for,
 due to this silly little blog.

And even though blogging doesn't always fit into my busy schedule, I will always try to keep my posts coming.  For you, and for myself, and so that someday I can read these all again and remember this happy time in our sweet mint-green-cottage, with our happy little boy with the twinkliest ever-- blue eyes.

 That same little boy happens to be flirting with me from his swing as we speak. Giggling to catch my attention, as if he has just heard the funniest of baby jokes, and trying hard to make me wonder what could be so humorous.

I noticed this morning that he now has three tiny teeth instead of two, and did I mention just how thankful I am that he is a happy teether?? I've just noticed that the Mr. is walking up the sidewalk home from work, so I must abandon this post as it is, in order to give him that much anticipated "welcome home" kiss.

Wishing you all a very sweet evening, even in the midst of this fickle weather. (It's snowing here, and it's almost May!)

XOXO Sweet friends!

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  1. Awe! Always love posts from you dear friend!