Friday, May 27, 2011

8 Months old and so very busy!
Thank goodness for your high chair or I wouldn't get anything done!
But oh, baby boy, how you keep our hearts full of love.
You are a BOY in every sense of the word
You are adventurous, a risk taker like your Daddy.
You are hard to catch, but lucky for me if I manage to get a hold of those overall straps, you will give me the snuggliest of hugs... and then you are off again.
You teach me patience.
In fact, while I was writing this, I took my eye off of you for one second, to find you drenching yourself in the dogs water dish.
You helped me prioritize my life. Nothing is more important than keeping you happy, healthy and safe.
You have melted your Da-da and I into piles of lovey-dovey goo.
You are smart, silly and engaging.  Your name suits you!
We love you dearly, baby boy.  Every moment with you makes us wonder, was there life before you were ours?

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