Monday, October 17, 2011

 Did I mention that Gage turned one, three times over? We ended up having three parties for our little man.

 Most recently we celebrated at my sister's new house in Snohomish. We had such fun.We party planned, baked, decorated her beautiful house together, and had some much needed sister time. 

While pushing our "twin" babies in shopping carts, we had a fun moment remembering how we used to push our twin baby dolls in carriages as kids, never dreaming that it would be a reality 20 years later!

It's a total dream come true to see our babies developing such a sweet bond. And oh my, is Ashlyn Paige ever sweet. Gage absolutely adores her.

Playing with cousin Yani.

They are at that adorable age where they kiss + cuddle.  It's seriously heart melting.
We had so much fun putting together a Hansel and Gretel themed bash for the babies.


They had very different reactions to the birthday cake!

Gage with his beloved Grammie-Mum

Maybe it was the sugar high, but they were both total party animals!
That is, until naptime hit!


I don't imagine that Gage will have three birthday parties again next year.  Still, you can't celebrate this guy enough!


  1. this is SO cute!
    I love the hansel and gretal idea too :)

  2. Very sweet :) I love it when the little ones just dive into their cakes - priceless picture!

  3. Love, love, love getting to see these pictures from his party with Ash...err..Gretal. Darling is an understatement. xo