Friday, January 13, 2012

I am enjoying these days with my fair-haired boy so much.
Our mornings have been extra sweet lately.
While I'm working to get breakfast on the table, I am sweetly serenaded by
singing over the baby monitor.
Then the three of us sit down together for a quick morning visit before Daddy is
off to work.  Gage loves to wave him off with blown kisses!

Then he either goes straight to his play kitchen to whip up something delicious, or climbs his step ladder in the kitchen for a good view while I wash the dishes.

He follows me from room to room, babbling all the way while I gather the laundry or make the bed.  He loves to do little chores like feeding the dogs hand fulls of dog food, and he loves to push the broom around the kitchen just like mama.

Pretty soon it's nap time, and he goes down with a lullabye so easily.  I am so thankful for that!
I like to slip a little suitcase full of toys and books at the foot of his crib for him to find when he wakes up.  It's so fun to hear the "Ooohs" over the monitor when he finds them!

We love to go outside in the afternoons, to point at trees and birds, and to get some fresh air.  He is such an outdoorsy boy, just like his Dad.

And after one more nap it's soon time to welcome Daddy with a family hug at the door.
Things are so pleasant right now.

 And while I'm nervous about adding two more to the mix, It's such a happy thought to think of two more boys like our dear little Gage.

Oh we are blessed!

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  1. What a mellow little man you get to spend your days with--sounds idyllic!