Thursday, November 20, 2008


Joram. I love my big brother Joram. I love his name, I love his laugh, I love his hugs. When I think of Joram I think of someone that is tender hearted, and so much like my dad. I remember when I was a little girl and how much it meant to me that Joram always took the time to explain things to me. He was always so gentle and kind-hearted.

He was always working on some kind of project. This is a boy who has talents seeping out of his pores. I remember how on saturday mornings, he used to wake up so early, and wearing the same sweats he wore to bed, he would venture outside to create something in his shed.

When he was in high school I was so amazed at how fast he learned to play the guitar, and it made me so proud to tell people I was his sister. When I run into older people that he went to high school with, they still talk about him. He was really admired, yet I don't think he knew it.

One of my favorite things about my brother is his hands. They are unbelievably strong, and callused, but he uses them so delicately and creatively. I have seen him work with his hands so many times.

I admire his intelligence. I wish he was more aware of how smart he is. Sometimes I think he doesn't know his worth. I truly believe that with Joram, the best is yet to come. I think he will make an amazing husband and father.

I see how well Joram can communicate love to those around him, and I can't think of a more valuable trait. When he gives a compliment to me, I know it came from his heart. Everything comes from right from his heart. My prayer for Joram is that he will realize how loved he is, how much he is capable of, and also how much is in store for him. I hope he will learn to let go of past hurts and insecurities so that he can realize his full potential. I have always looked up to my big brother so much, and still do. I hope he always knows that.

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  1. That is so true! Everything you said about Joram; He is so wonderful and I love him so much! Makes me cry! You are so sweet Chant! Love you!