Monday, March 16, 2009

One Thing at a Time...

...I don't think I will ever understand that concept.
I constantly jump from one thing to the next.
I should be thinking about getting surgery. I should be excited to finally set a date next week, but I'm not. I'm terrified. I will be extremely happy once the surgery is done and I am all healed and I can close this chapter of my life,
and start to think about what lies ahead for Brandon and I. But because thinking about
surgery makes me nervous, I have already
jumped ahead to thinking about that baby
we've decided to try for once I'm completely healed after the
surgery. That is so much more exciting to plan for! I always wanted a boy first, but then I see
all the adorable, teeny-tiny baby girl things, and then
I can't decide. We just painted the room that will
be the nursery in the future, and that got me all excited
about nursery decor. I'm not a Babys'R'us type of girl,
so after learning to sew this year I'm going to make
a custom crib set out of the most amazing Amy Butler and
Heather Bailey fabrics. If I have a girl I want Mags to paint
a cherry blossom tree mural with birds, or maybe I will do vintage a french
theme. For a boy, I love wooden blocks, old baseballs vintage toys and planes. Or maybe some frillier fabrics in "boy" colors like these

I'm jumping the gun, I know, but sites like etsy make it too fun!

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