Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ugh... If I could only find my camera charger I would take some "before" pictures of the rooms we are remodeling/redecorating so you have some idea of what we have to work with. Our upstairs living room is the room I am going to be focusing on for the near future. It's going to be a media/studio/sewing room, and also a play area once potential baby comes.

The pottery barn table (sewing and project table with cubbies) that I have been in love with has a cheap impersonator at Walmart that I think we will be getting, and I also decided to buy an ikea sleeper sofa that fits in the corner with a chaise in dark grey. (More overnight room for family! If only they'd visit!) There's not a whole lotta room in this area, plus it's an odd shape, so i'm trying to make it as functional as possible. I'll take a picture soon so you have some idea what we have to work with.

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