Friday, April 17, 2009

Bedroom Plans

Amongst other changes we are making to the decor of the house, a new design for the master bedroom is in order.

I'm going to paint the walls the same flesh tone that we used upstairs, and paint the woodwork white.

When we first moved in we purchased a pretty nice bedroom set with a glossy cherry finish for $200 off of craigslist. My plan is to paint it white or off white. Urgently. It came with two end tables, a vanity, a heaboard and an armoire. Unfortunately the armoire is oddly short, so after I paint it we'll move it upstairs and use it for the future baby.

I've been thinking about alternate storage and lately I'm obsessed with this closet aromoire from Ikea. Nicole Balch from recently did a post on her new armoire, and I can't believe how much she was able to fit in there.

If I purchased this I would have to paint the poor plain thing and add some molding and weathering to the wood because I just can't stand plain blonde wood.

We already have a headboard, but if I had my way I would switch it out fot this upholstered headboard like this one from urban, which would obvioulsy mean that the bench has to go with it, right?

And there I go again with the" Dunce" art from Black Apple again. I will probably use some Heather Bailey garden pop fabric to make some curtains and pillows. And Aren't the doorknob curtain holder's cute?

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