Friday, June 19, 2009


It's taken me a long time to get over the death of our wonderful dog, Chief. I still can't believe he is gone, and I never got to say goodbye.

Brandon and I got Chief when we lived in Seattle. He was so tiny when we first got him. I'll never forget the day I went over to Brandon's appartment after work and the tiniest little guy greeted me at the door. He was so sweet and had so much personality. A few years later, after we moved to Spokane, we got a playmate for Chief, Stella. They soon became inseperable. They even slept together in a tiny kennel just to be close.

The two of them were total trouble makers. Anyone who knew Chief knew he was a wild thing. I've never met a dog that was more obsessed with his owners. He wanted to be by our sides all the time. He and I used to take long summer naps together, cuddled like spoons. I'll always remember how good his shiny coat felt, especially after he snuck a stick of butter!

I got a sad call from Brandon while I was staying with my sister in Seattle. He said that Chief had died that day, after being kicked by a horse on his grandfather's ranch. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore. It really felt like I had lost the closest thing to a child that I had ever known. It was so final, and so hard that I couldn't see him even one last time. When I returned home,

Stella was completely different. She just moped from room to room constantly trying to find her buddy. I soon realized that Stella is one of the mellowest dogs ever, she only seemed excited all the time because Chief made her feel that way. Now days she sleeps more than anything else. I miss their playing together so much. We have grown to love Stella so much more now, though. Her personality really shines through now that she's solo.

One thing that helps me get through the sadness of missing Chief is knowing that his spirit is probably happier than it ever has been, living on a ranch. Being a truly wild thing. I love you Chiefy! Thanks for being such a good boy! We miss you so very much.

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