Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's good to be home! I've been staying up until midnight lately, just puttering around the house. Cleaning, organizing, and finding homes for my new birthday presents.

I washed all my serving pieces, just in case I should have to host an impromptu dinner party...

Organized my cupboards

Arranged my new birthday loot... This adorable "Beatrix Potter" tea set

New dishes to hold milk, sugar and honey

An antique rocking chair with needlepoint in perfect condition!

A primitive wooden box to hold fire wood when we finally get that stove we've been wanting,
and a place to hold stray shoes in the meantime...

This year I want to let go of the clutter, and un-useful items that take up valuable space. My home is my absolute favorite place to be, and I want to be surrounded only by things that are useful and meaningful. And beautiful, of course!

But boy, do I have a looong way to go. Notice how I only post pictures of the same two rooms over and over? That's because the rest of the rooms in my house either serve as a dumping ground for clutter or are in a constant disarray until we can find the time or money to finish remodeling them.

Maybe that will be my next post. All the ugly corners of my home that I pretend do not exist.
A real reality check. I don't know if I'm brave enough to face the skeletons (or killer dust bunnies) in my closet just yet....


  1. What fun new treasures and a late Happy Birthday to you too! I love the picture of your kitchen shelves...your kitchen looks soooo cute! I haven't been by much but I introduced myself awhile back as someone that lives nearby! Actually I had a friend Andi over the other day that I met through blogging and she mentioned you and that you lived in our little town. She thought it would be fun for the three of us to get together sometime...and I agree! I read over some of your recent posts and understand the one so much about wanting to meet friends to do the simple things with! It is hard to meet new people and we do have to put ourselves out there a bit and take a risk at rejection! Scary but worth the effort! I hope you are surviving our little hot spell and that you are having a lovely weekend! Come by and visit again!

    Courtney (Cottage Mommy)

  2. Everything looks so lovely! and I think we all have "dumping ground" rooms, I know I do!

  3. MM! Such lovely's!
    Happy Birthday Day!!
    Muah, muah, muah!