Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You may want to skip right over this post. It's mainly a spot for me to catalog my ideas for our bedroom that needs to be decorated desperately.

We've lived here a year and have yet to decorate it. We've focused so much on the rest of the house up until now, and I can't wait any longer. I spend a lot of time in my bed, and I want it to be a special place for Brandon and I.
I want to wake up to the sun shining in to illuminate a cheerful bedroom that showcases the things I love. That is my mission in this project. To decorate in such a way that good feelings are evoked the moment I open my eyes.
Until recently, I had decided on using red. Red is my very favorite color, and for some reason I never use it in my home! I suppose I am afraid of overdoing it. I was very excited about using red until I saw these pillows on sale at Anthropologie:

Game over! I decided to decorate around these pillows because I adore them, and they incorporate so many things that I love. The colors are bright and happy, I love embroidery, love the lace design, and the gray background.
The biggest challenge for me in decorating my home is finding a balance between the primitave/vintage folk art and items that I love, and the bright and modern whimsicallities that I adore. These pillows incorporate both so well.

I've decided to paint the walls a calm shade of gray. I love gray and have been waiting for a chance to paint one of our rooms gray. I think it will be great with stark white trim on the windows.

I would like to try and make some lampshades similar to this one from Anthropologie:

The part I am most excited about, is that I'm going to make a patchwork duvet cover. I'll be trying to bring in the soft pinks, blues, yellows and greens from the pillows, but want to put in a lot of white, possibly a little lace as well. My sister Moriah is very good at embroidering, and for my birthday she is going to embroider a few squares for the duvet cover! She's going to try to match the embroidery on the pillows, will possibly add a bird or butterfly, and of course will have to spell out the word "lovely" which is the loveliest of words in my opinion.

For artwork, I have a few ideas. I am going to have Brandon make me some more frames like these for photographs:

He makes wonderful barnwood frames out of fencewood, and I love the gray look of the wood. I also saw this idea at Urban Outfitters, and have decided to make my own by stapling lace to the back of my frames.

I always feel cheerful when I see my bright fabric scraps, so I want to display my favorites and my sister's embroidery on some embroidering hoops like these:

I'm sure I will be adding more ideas as they come to me, and this will be a slow process, because as always, we are on a tight budget. Hope you like these ideas as much as I do!


  1. Ohhhhhhh yes...I think you have painted your vision for your bedroom so beautifully.I think this room is going to be enchanting...and here's to decorating on a tight buget! Those pillows are so lovely, and the perfect element to create a room around. Happy decorating! Can't wait till I can start picking out paint colors and such...

  2. What a gorgeous inspiration board of ideas. I hope to see some of them soon - namely the fabric in hoops, which is a great idea. I see those at thrift stores all the time.