Friday, August 28, 2009

Aaah Friday.

I love Fridays. The only part that I dislike about Fridays, is the fact that it's "Bingo Friday" at work.

Bingo is the absolute bane of my existence. I think it is the most boring game ever, yet every Friday, I am forced to call Bingo for two. hours. straight.

I yell out the numbers at the top of my lungs, sacrificing my voice. Every week it goes the same way,

Me: "I-30!!"
Ethel: "What?"
Me: (Even louder) AAYY-THHIRRTY!!!!
Ethel: Three?
Mary: Did she say fourty?
Ethel: "OH, I-thirteen. Bingo!!"
Me: Sigh....

We continue this bit for every number that I call.
And did I tell you that we have serious fights over Bingo?
I literally have to separate people over this horrid game.
They cheat, they yell, they swear at each other. We've even had to break up fist fights.
I get up earlier on Friday than any other day, because if I am even a minute late to Bingo, I have a crowd of power-chair-driving vigilantes ready to set fire and loot.

This weekend we are heading over to Las Vegas with my family for some much needed vacationing. I am so ready to relax by the pool, and people watch in the casinos. But if I so much as hear the word Bingo......
I will literally lose my mind.


  1. So, so, so funny.....I think I would lose my mind too! Have a great time in Vegas!

  2. Oh honey! You seriously crack me up! To the point where I called up friend to read it to her!!
    Funny girl you are.
    I love it. I love that you are strong enough to break up these crazy people.
    I love you so, and miss you too much. I literally cannot wait until I can call you. So excited to hear about your week-end in Vegas.