Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet Friends, I have been out of touch.
We have a had a crazy last couple of weeks.

Brandon's wonderful Nana passed away a week ago
Sunday, and we have been grieving ever since.
We miss her so much.

My family's prayers have
been answered and my sweet and darling brother
has entered treatment for his alcoholism, and we
are beyond excited to watch him start a new beginning.

There is that familiar nip in the air, making us aware that summer is
drawing to a close, and with this new seasonal transition there will be parting of ways,

After a wonderful weekend with my in-laws, we had a very tearful goodbye last night, as they return to Hawaii where they have started a ministry.

Tonight we will say goodbye to this darling cousin + friend, as she moves to
Bangladesh for seven long months. Elliot, you are so inspiring to me!

As the seasons and circumstances change around us, we feel sad for hard goodbyes, excited for new beginnings, alone and yet, not alone. We are feeling drawn to each other, to spend time with one another and to strengthen our marriage, drawn to our Jesus, who we desire to know more an more, and to the place that means the most to us, our little home.


  1. So lovely to hear from you!! Guess who is coming to see me tomorrow?? Well, not for fun, but fun is to be had none-the-less! Your neighbor-2-be and our dear friend Chelle! I am to be making her a brides maid dress. :)
    I miss you so, and called your phone everyday for a week+ lol.
    Beau is sitting on my lap exclaming over and over "cute girl, mom" looking at your picture.
    Love you! I gotta go and get Sonny from school.

  2. So sad to hear of your loss...exciting things going on for loved ones though! Glad you had a good time in Vegas! Enjoy our fallish days we are having....I love them!