Monday, August 3, 2009

I officially despise and am seriously contemplating
shredding up my debit card.
AAkk! How did I overdraw again???
I bet you I could take all the money I've spent on those
overdraft fees, add them up, and buy myself a new car.
But no, instead they are gone forever.
Stupid tax, as Dave Ramsey calls it.
Oh yeah, remember Dave Ramsey?
The host of that radio show that always gets me
excited about paying off my debt? The show that
I listen to almost every night on the drive home from work?
Apparently I haven't been paying enough attention.
I think it's high time I joined the Ramsey band wagon and started
getting serious about money management.
So I'm publicly making a declaration of change.
I will balance my checkbook, I will clip coupons. I will budget. I will tithe.
And I will eat rice and beans, beans and rice until I have
everything under control.
And at this very moment, plastic in hand, I'm walking to the shredder.


  1. yes, paying the bank for overdrawing something totally sucks!

    beans and rice are goo, just add some salsa and a little bit of chicken and call it Chipotle

  2. We all have those "Ah ha!" moments when we realize we're paying stupid tax and are sick of it! You can make these changes by taking one step at a time. Do little things, and learn to do them well. That's one of the secrets. I am excited you are following my blog, and I'll do my best to post some money saving tips. Do you know about the blog? It's one of the main money saving blogs I follow. You might want to check it out! Blessings and glad to have you on board. I loved the pictures of the wedding, and the cat picture made me laugh until I saw the tail/tale. I'm sorry for the kitty.

  3. I've been scrolling through your blog and took a look at this post... I know how you feel - Ramsey advocates an envelope system that my Husband and I adapted for our personal use (no cash, we just put all our receipts in the envelope and deduct the amount off the front so we know exactly where we're at. I'd highly recommend Larry Burkett too... we love his work.

    I haven't overdrawn (really, ever but I cam close in the past.) But this month we paid our HUGE electric bill twice in a fit of genius. So, um. We're broke till Friday lol!

    Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to stop by. :o)