Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh my poor sweet cat. Last night Brandon and I were heading over to his Aunt's house, and just before we started the car, we heard a feline scream.
Our beloved cat, Creature shot out from under the car and darted underneath the house. We thought something had perhaps scared her.
When we returned home a few hours later, we were horrified to find her tail severed almost in half straight to the bone. We have no idea how this happened, but rushed her to the vet where she went into surgery. We were told she would have to have it amputated.

A few hours later, we picked up our kitty, tail and all. They managed to stitch it back together, somehow.
We had very rough night, the medication and the pain made her extremely restless and energetic. She was crying all night at us, walking on our heads, and finally settled in for the night on my pillow.
Today she is a total wreck, bumping into wall thanks to the lovely cone accessory that is now adorned on her head. So sad!


  1. Poor, poor little kitty! So sorry this happened!

  2. poor cat! I worked at a vet and have seen horror stories! I hope you got some good pain meds :)