Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Things

Hmm.. 34 questions? I'll try Aminta!

1. Where is your cell phone?
Somewhere deep within the bowels of my purse (I think). I rarely use it. I simply do not care for cellphones!

2. Your hair:
Pulled back into a pony tail, with a tuft of unruly bangs.

Your Father is:
The most wonderful man I have ever known. Just thinking of him brings tears to my eyes.

4. Your favorite food:
Just one? Creme Brulee! It's hard not to feel special and fancy when you eat it. And there's nothing like cracking through the sugar with your spoon!

5. Your dream from last night:
I really don't remember! I do remember being annoyed when I woke up because there was something puzzling about it, and I wanted to go back to sleep to figure it out!

6. Your favorite drink:
A naughty latte from starbucks with the the works, or a diet coke with my sisters.

Your dream(s)/goal(s):

To be a mother, and to raise my children with an appreciation for the simple pleasures of life. To keep my marriage loving and romantic, to be gracious and to have a servants heart. My dream is to be surrounded by my wonderful family, to honor God and to be intentional with my choices.

8. What room are you in:
The living room.

9. What is your Hobby: Sewing, baking, decorating, Learning new skills..etc...

10. What is your fear: Losing my father to cancer.

11. Where do you want to be in six years:
At home with my children, living near my family, and supporting my husband as he builds the business of his dreams.

12. Where were you last night:
In my cozy home snuggling with my adorable husband.

13. Something you are not:
Easily Satisfied and patient. Sometimes I think I am like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want it, and I want it now!! This frustrates me about myself, and it's something I am continually working on.

14. Muffins:
Yum! Fresh Bluberries or raspberries are the best!

15. Wish list items: A baby, a new couch, frye boots, lancome anti-wrinkle Christmas list is long!

Where did you grow up: Seattle, then Cashmere Washington.

17. Last thing you did:
Messaged my sister. She has a few emotional hangups and I have to coach her daily through her dating issues!

18. What are you wearing:
My "puffs." Our baby brother used to call changing into comfortable clothing "getting puffed."
To this day everyone in my family races to the bedroom after work to get all "puffed."

Your T.V.:
Is loud and annoying!

20.Your Pets:
Stella, a gentle pitbull (trust me, she's very ashamed of it)
Bear, a three-month old rhodesian ridgeback (and a tiny terror)
Creature, a darling and cuddly calico cat.

21. Your friends: Unique and irreplaceable.

22. Your life:
Near Perfect. I am in love with my God, my husband, my family. I wish my dad wasn't sick, and wish I didn't have health problems that make life feel like a chore rather than a blessing at times. Other than that, it's a very sweet existence.

23. Your Mood:

24. Missing someone:
My family and my in-laws.

25. Vehicle:
A 1994 Ford Explorer that is in shambles. It was totaled last February and we bought it back for $150.00. Currently the hatchback won't even open. But it's better than walking to work, so I am grateful!

26. Something you are not wearing:
A bra. I am in my puffs!

27. Your favorite store:

Your favorite color:
Blue, yellow, red and green. I just can never pick one!

29. When was the last time you laughed:
Today when I asked Brandon if I could pull taffy (a tradition we do at Christmas with two people) by myself if I threw it up in the air, and he thought I said "if I threw it to myself in the mirror" he was so puzzled. We both laughed pretty hard. Does he think I'm that blond?

30. When was the last time you cried:

Today at work. I work with people that have dementia and one of my ladies was frantically looking for her children. She couldn't understand why her "babies" would leave her. It's hard to explain to a loving mother that sacrificed everything for her children, why they are too busy for her now.

Also, when we were playing music bingo, and one of the men broke down when the song "You are my sunshine" played. His wife Millie recently passed away, they loved each other until the very end, and it breaks my heart just thinking about it.

31. Your Best Friend:
All three of My sisters. I also have an assistant named Beverly. She is in her sixties, but we laugh together, cry together, and we support one another in everything. Age really isn't an issue, and she has become one of my dearest friends.

32. One place you go over and over:
Starbucks. A habit I hope to curb!

33. One Person that e-mails me regularly:
Probably no one person in particular, but we always seem to have a sibling email thread going.

34. Favorite place to eat:
Just one? Pf Changs maybe?

I would really like to know more about Courtney and Sarah. So if you have time girls-- tag, your it!

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  1. Hello dear Chantel! We really need to get together soon! Baking cookies perhaps? Enjoyed reading this and getting to know you better! I'm not sure if I'm the Courtney you are referring to here but if you are than I already did this! You can see it a few posts back on my blog. I hear you are getting together with Chelle soon...she is so sweet and fun, you will love her! Hope to see you soon!