Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality

It was our first day waking up in our own beds since we left for vacation.
We had a wonderful vacation, but I was ready to come home.
The last weekend of our trip I was secretly sulking inside while thinking of
how much I was missing my sweet girlfriends that were all at the blog
meet-up. 12 lovely ladies that were able to leave their families and jobs to spend a
weekend together in a beautiful vacation house on the beach.
I knew they were staying up late, roasting smores in their pajamas and
bearing their hearts. I was so sad to have missed out.

Luckily Courtney had five of us over last night for a delicious dinner.
MMMmmm... Can't stop thinking about those enchiladas!!
I was able to spend a little time with Fairlight and KT, who are both lovelier than I could explain. I was so excited to catch up with Courtney,
Andrea and Chelle, my it felt good to be home.

I have been so blessed with such wonderful friends, I can't believe how much
I adore my life. I love living in Spokane, I just couldn't be happier.

This morning I woke up early and had my worship, which was really special. I'm working through a book called The Power of a Praying Wife, and have commited (somewhat begrudgingly) to wake up two hours earlier to pray in the morning for the next thirty days. I have never had a consistent prayer life, only talking to God thoughout my day casually. I am really making an effort to let God do his will in our marriage and in my life. It's a great book. I absolutely reccomend it.

Speaking of good books, I also recommend the Apothacary's Wife, a novel by Julie Klassen. A really fun Jane Austen-style quick read. I ate up her books while I was in Hawaii, and am currently reading the Silent Governess. So good!

I have reserved tonight for catching up on Laundry, Lost episodes, and Sewing. Just what I've been craving. Well, except for the laundry...


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  2. OHH! I love "The power of a praying wife" They also have many other books. One I am reading (for the fourth time) is "The power of a praying parent".... so good.
    Right now I have the most amazing aroma of Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Muffins in the kitchen and a full heart. Think forward an hour of the enchiladas I am making. But mostly girly..... I am thinking of you. That belly that is to accost your body so soon and the little darling that will be joining your lives. I love you so. You are amazing. And I hope that you have the best of evenings. That each item you wash, dry and fold will give you an overwhelming peace and love for the one you fold for.

  3. isn't it fabulous to wake up in your own bed. and oh my, power of a praying wife is so good...i am going to have to check out power of a praying parent as minta mentioned. oh...and i have to tell you...i simply love the name sweet (and, oh how i loved your comment on my remembering post...yes, motherhood is like many little moments strung together into something amazing and beautiful!) :)