Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

Funny how you can be absolutely positively down in the dumps, and when you least expect it,
life takes a turn for the better, and suddenly you are on top of the world.  Do I have some serious
emotional ADD or what?

Lately things have been better than good.  I officially wind my schedule at the retirement home down to three days a week, and pick up two days at my favorite place in Spokane, the Top Stitch.
I can't stop thinking about how much fun this is going to be.  Carrie even mentioned that once the baby is born I can put him in a pack and play in her office while I work!

By the end of summer I will phase out my job completely at the retirement home, which has been an emotinal decision.  I really wrestled with this because on one hand, I feel like I am deserting the people I work with.  On the other hand, I know they will be taken care of.  I tend to feel like I am a bad person for not loving this job.  But as a wise friend recently told me, I am just over it.  And that's okay. 

So even though my biggest dream is to be a stay at home mom all the time, for financial reasons, I need to generate an income at this time.  And I really couldn't dream up a better part time job if I tried. 

On the schedule for this evening is some sewing and some comfort food.  I'm thinking chicken +stuffing + potatoes + and collard greens.  And then a visious jog on the treadmiller to atone for such sins.

On the agenda for this weekend is painting the Nursery, Robin's Nest by Benjamin Moore.  It's simply delicious.

 I am craving some one on one time with Brandon, we've been too busy lately! I really hope working in the nursery will inspire some name suggestions on his part.  I am absolutely frustrated! Every name I suggest (after reading three name books cover to cover) he "hates." I'm sure many of you have been in the same boat.  I am holding out hope that the perfect name will magically roll of his tongue at some point, and we will both know it's "the one." Arghhh....

We are thinking a lot about art for the nursery, and I have always wanted to display the song "You are my Sunshine" since it's the song I remember my mother singing to me most.  My favorite sign on Etsy would have to be this cheerful one, although it's much too girly. Don't you think?

Here is one I really love, although because it is $140.00 I would have to make it myself.  It has a barnwood frame which would go with the other barnwood frames I'm planning to use for photos.

And here is yet another one.  It doesn't have the full lyrics. Not my favorite, but it is gender neutral.

Just a few things I'm pondering.  Wishing you a very wonderful Wednesday evening, dear ones!

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  1. Oh how I know about the name issue. We wrestled over Beau's name for the entire pregnancy. But alas, he is three and has been our little "Beau Beau Rogie" ever since. Although, I must admit, I call him Rogie more then I call him Beau.
    I am on a very strict diet, so you have me drooling!! :)
    I will not be able to eat any grains or sugar for FOUR MONTHS! Not to mention, many, many, many other things as well.
    But I am already feeling better, other then the detox headache. ha.
    I too love that song, Pete has always sang it to our babies. Such a sweet idea to put it in Baby Parkers room.
    I miss you so, and am hoping you will be going with allllll of us to FARM CHICKS in June!
    Love you, love you, love you!