Monday, April 19, 2010

I have two things to be over the moon about.
Two unexpected blessings that I can't stop thinking about.
My Dad received his test results back a few days ago, test result that we
were very nervous about.  He hasn't been responding to the chemo, and his last results
were the worst they have been in quite a while.
Then suddenly, after his last and more difficult series of chemo, his blood cell counts
are so low that they could almost be considered normal (!!!)

I was so prepared to hear more bad news, and I can't tell you enough how amazing this is.
Now the nature of the cancer is that he will get better, then worse and then better again,
 and we've been on this roller coaster of emotions for six years now, so it would be easy
for me not to get my hopes up. But today I am filled with joy from my head to my toes!

So that is absolutely the most exciting thing that has happened lately, but there is also one more thing that has me feeling giddy.

Last Friday I stopped by the Top Stitch to pick up some fabric for the crib bumper I am working on, and got to talking with Carrie, the owner.  She ended up offering me a job two days a week and I of course accepted! We still have to work out the details, but I am so excited.  This will be a way for me to do something I love, stay home with the baby 5 out of 7 days a week, and I will also have access to training and maybe even discounts on the fabric?  This way I can work very part time, and for the rest of the week I can sew to sell on Etsy.  I can't wait to start. 

So I now have answers to two very desperate prayers which makes me upset with myself for all the stressing and worrying I do.  I hope I will remember how safe I am in God's gracious hands!


  1. YAY! That is spectacular news!!! I am so happy for you about both. :)

  2. Woo Hoo! So happy about your Dad - what a relief that must be! And your new job! Doesn't God know your heart so well? That is totally perfect for you! So, so happy for you on both fronts! And my Mom is bringing back some baby boy clothes on Saturday from my sissy's (that were mine) so you need to come over and see if you want any baby stuff!

  3. Oh Channy! Sweet girl, does this all not tell you just how much God loves you and cares about every large and small (baby) thingin your life!? I am so so so very happy about your pops. He is a magnificent person and a wonderful father. Such a blessing to have him getting better.... just in time for Fathers Day too. I bet you are all so very relieved.
    And that JOB!! Oh my gosh! Chantel! Sigh, I am so happy for you sweet girl. Perfect beginning for your baby and you (and Brandon too!).
    Miss you!! And I would LOVE to have you here someday! Oh, what a dream come true it will be.
    XO, Min