Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think I've been hit by the pregnant moody blues today.

I appologize in advance for the following list. There are just

a few things getting me down lately that I need to address.

Things I'm fussing over:

My dad's cancer

Fickle weather, that makes my back ache

A mattress set that refuses to be sold, and is determined to make a home propped up against the dining room table

The fact that my house is a mess again after I cleaned every inch of it only two weeks ago.

We didn't get our loan approved--again.

We are broke, and there are bills to pay.

I found the perfect changing table/hutch on CL, but Brandon had to cover someones shift last night, and now it's gone.

Now that I've had a chance to vent, I am taking a deep breath. And I am switching gears.

Blessings/Things to be Excited About:

Tomorrow is my darling boy's birthday

I just scheduled a massage for this week

Friday we find out if I'm having a bean or beanette (!)

I get to spend a whole weekend taking care of my Dad very soon

I have a nursery to plan

Before we realized we were broke, DH let me buy these pretties:

Gardening season is just around the corner

New vacuum and a sale on Meyer's cleaning products= equals a wonderful excuse to get my house back into shape

I spent Easter with this dear to my heart neighbor + friend

Sweet husband accompanied me to church and held my hand the whole time

Jesus is alive (!)

Sometimes I just need a reality check. Especially with the extra hormones I'm dealing with. Tonight I will be cheerful, I will make breakfast for dinner, and I will cuddle up with my sweetie and watch a comedy. And things will get better. Thank you, sweet friends, for listening.


  1. Oh Chantel, I know we haven't met but this list really tore at my heart. It's so beautiful (your perspective and vulnerability) but those are also some big things and you are carrying them with such grace and class. Just know it touched me and I am praying for you this evening.

  2. Oh my, we need to catch up my dear! I miss you and i can't believe you get to find out about your little babe in just a few days! I got your note about Brandon's party and we would love to come but I need to check times on this dino thing we are doing with Eli on Saturday and make sure it doesn't conflict! love to you..