Saturday, May 15, 2010

So I started my job at the Top Stitch this weekend, and wow, is it ever lovely!
Basically my "work" day involves laughing so hard at Carrie's stories that my face hurts,
having darling Patti mother me to death, asking me every five seconds: "Are you okay? Can I get you water? Can I run to the bakery and get you a treat?" "Do you need to put your feet up?"
Being allowed to spend my day choosing fabrics and patterns to sew whatever I fancy for the store displays,
Talking to the sweetest of sweet customers about my sewing obsession.  Brainstorming with crazy-talented co-workers.  Dipping into the company chocolate fund.  Abiding by a dress code that includes jeans, and adorable aprons.  Learning everything I ever wanted to know about sewing.

I'm still pinching myself!


  1. Yay for you! So happy for you and your new job! So glad to hear that it is fun, fun, fun! Hugs to you girlie, we'll have to have some girl time soon!

  2. wow! God has really blessed you and "given you the desires of your heart" I am more than happy for you Chant, you deserve it!! I love you!

  3. sounds like a dream job! congrats, how wonderful. now we want to see pics of you in said apron and the displays with said projects!

  4. Oh dear girl! Just what the doctor ordered if you ask me! YOU DESERVE it too! And Chantel, may I remind you how very much GOD LOVES YOU and shows it in all of these very small and huge ways?
    Dear.... I miss you. You are such a piece of sunshine in my corner here.
    Love you so, Min

  5. P.S. Do they have a website? Or if they don't, please please please put up some photos of the place and you in a darling apron? YAY!

  6. So so excited for you and your new job! It is SO perfect! And what is this little rumor I hear about you working at Farm Chicks? So fun! I miss you so, dear friend. Sorry I have been so MIA- things are so crazy busy over here with getting ready for our move! But I would love love love some packing company next week if you're up to it- any nights work for you? You wouldn't have to lift a box- just talk :) And you have to come see my house before we move!

  7. I love the Top Stitch. Sounds like a dream job! I'm so happy for you. I need to stop by there this week to pick up some fabric for a chest I'm upholstering, maybe I'll see you there.