Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Never Thought I Would Live to See the Day...

After months of toil and sweat and boring Saturday mornings spent picking rocks out of the dirt...

We finally have grass!!

{Notice the sweet steps Brandon made to my soon-to-be garden}
It's not the most luscious lawn I've seen, but it's a start! I'm already noticing less dust on the patio and in the house.  Hooray for sunshine!


  1. Your grass looks amazing! I know what a feat that can parents have struggles with their grass for years! Glad you had a great weekend with your family and loving those pics of you from the wedding! You are an absolutely gorgeous mom to be!

  2. By the way "Sharon" is Courtney...I'm on my Mom's computer!

  3. Ooooh lush and green! What a lovely back yard!!
    I am missing you something fierce. And that belly?!! Oh good grief! You are so beautiful.
    I love you Channy. You are the most precious person I think I have ever met.

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's an exciting time. I just had my little boy two months ago. Time flies I guess. I admire your gardening ability. I have the blackest thumb out there.