Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This morning was a sad one.  Waking up and not hearing Axel and Beren's "Happy Feet" filled me with
immediate sadness.  I was incredibly spoiled over the weekend when my Brother, his wife and three kids, my sister and her son, and my parents all came to visit and filled our home with chatter and laughter. 

The weather was perfect. Sunny and hot.  We experienced all Hoopfest had to offer and watched my incredibly talented niece play basketball.  She is a few feet shorter than everyone else, but wow, is she ever fierce! I admire her spunk so much.  In spite of being "Tiny," as she is called, she doesn't let it stop her. 

  I don't often get to spend time with my brother and his darling family.  It was so special to get in some bonding time with his three-year-old son Beren.  My goodness has that little one melted my heart.  His smile is so tender and sweet, and he is such a gentle little guy.

It was so fun to have my sister Maggie here, makes me sad that I don't get to have her around all the time.  We are so close, and our pregnancies have made us even closer.  I couldn't get enough of Axel! He is getting so big and is so talkative and smart!

Brandon was the best man in his cousin's wedding this weekend, and it was such a sweet wedding.  His aunt managed to snap a few photos, I'm so uncomfortable with all this baby weight I've put on, but it's going to be worth it in the end!

It seemed like Brandon really enjoyed showing off my belly to all of his family.  We had so much fun dancing with all the cousins and catching up with everyone.  He gave a beautiful speech, totally from the heart and not rehearsed at all.   I just watched him thinking how I've never been more in love with him or more attracted to him than I am now.  He's such a wonderful husband, and my heart swells to a new size every day. 

Today I'm really missing my family, but smiling as I look around the house at the thoughful things they left for me.  While I was at the wedding my sister and mom bought me beautiful flowers and scoured my kitchen splarkling clean.  They also bought me all kinds of cleaning products.  I so needed the extra help as this old house is overwhelming me with its propensity to get so filthy. 

This weekend is the 4th of July, and we always spend it at Aunt Candy's lake house. I'm hoping to spend at least part of the weekend getting our garden boxes going.  I'll be sure to share pictures!

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