Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Gift of and Ordinary Day

We've made it through the night, through a series of feedings and  sprays in the face  diaper changes, burpings, pacifier hunts in the dark, and now the sun is finally up.

It's crazy to think that just one week ago, this all began when our beautiful baby boy arrived on the scene.

We feel overwhelmed to say the least, overwhelmed by the new sleep schedule-- or lack of sleep schedule.  The thousands of diaper changes, the new motivation to keep the house pristinely clean.  It's a lot, I won't deny it.

As I struggle to type this with a sleeping baby rested in the nook of my arm, I am overwhelmed by the emotion of it all.  The realization that these moments are slipping away already, that he won't be my newborn baby for very long at all.

The joy that comes every morning like a "fountain in my soul" because I know exactly how they day will go: feedings and lullabies, lavender johnson and johnson shampoo, kisses and cuddles, tickling tiny toes, caressing soft cheeks.  Jumping up in excitement at the sound of Brandon coming through the door. 

Having to hand over my baby, but swelling inside with happiness while I watch my husband smile from ear to ear as he takes the peanut from me, and says "go get some sleep, mama!"
I've stopped looking at calendars and planning for days in the future to be excited about.  For the very first time in all of my life, I am content to focus on the present. Content to just be.

I feel as if I was born with this purpose inside me, this longing that I carried all through adolescence, not understanding how to fill the hole inside me, not understanding what it was.

And with the birth of our son, I feel a new fulfillment.  A deep gratitude that we have been given this gift, that we have been trusted by God to raise a son.  That I and only I, am his Mother.  That he depends on me for sustanence, for comfort, for life.

Every day I fall into a deeper love with this tiny boy.  I can't count the tears that fall from my eyes as we spend a perfectly ordinary day at home.  Tears that fall because of love finally realized.

This swaddled bundle I hold is truly my heart. This is my son.


  1. I love this. I love what you wrote about finally fulfilling your purpose. Your heart is just beautiful. The video at the end is amazing as well. love you and you heart and that cute baby.

  2. Sniff, sniff. This is one of the many reasons I adore you. You are lovely. Such a devoted person, and a wonderful mother.
    XOXO 4 you and yours!

  3. Oh, happy birthday little Gage!! Happy motherhood, Min and Courtney said, your heart is beautiful. So happy for you as you begin this journey with your baby boy outside the womb! :-)