Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh My Dear Dusty Blog

I don't know where to begin.
So much has happened since we've last spoken.
In some ways I feel like a different person.
In many ways I am.

Becoming a mother stretches your heart in ways you've never dreamed.
It also stretches your mind + muscles, and forces you to develop the ability to do many things at once with so little sleep it's comical.

I have definitely entered a new chapter in my life.  One where I can spend countless hours gazing at and flirting with my darling boy. One where I cherish the advice from the mothers in my life and thank the Lord for bouncy seats and wonder how mothers ever got along without Google?

There are so many things I am grateful for right now. I'm grateful for the extended family we have given our sweet boy.  He is so loved, and has such an amazing safety net of people that will support him through life.

I am grateful for Brandon, who has stepped up so much and become such a wonderful father and partner.  He is always eager to take the baby when I need a break, and I love to hear his interactions through the baby monitor!

I am so thankful for my sweet baby, who coos and smiles and chatters incessantly.  I was so afraid of the newborn stage ending too quickly.  It was a really special time, but it truly keeps getting better!

I am thankful that my dear brother has fallen in love, and has quit drinking all on his own in order to better himself for the woman he loves.  I can't recall ever seeing him this determined.  It is an answer to my familys' many fervent prayers.

I am thankful for our little home.  We are moving at a snail's pace to finish the addition of our second bathroom, but we are getting there. I finally have a bathtub!

I am also thankful that we decided to use Gage's nursery. He has the most restful sleep in there, and now sleeps 8 hours at night!!

I'm grateful for my beautiful friends that "live life" with me.  I know that someday our own lives will be so full that it won't be possible to spend the kind of time together that we do now, so I am really cherishing it.

I am so excited for gift-giving this year.  We are completely broke, as usual.  I will have to be very creative.  I can't wait to spend a day or two in the kitchen this month baking presents.   

 I am most thankful that I serve such a mighty and good God.
A God that is constantly in pursuit of the hearts of his people.

I hope your hearts are full of love and free from worry this season.  There is so much to be thankful for!


  1. Fun to see a post from you...missing you sweet friend, it seems like ages!

  2. So glad that you have dusted off your pretty little blog and for bathtubs, Mommy's (and brothers)in love, baked Christmas presents, for Gagey sleeping 8 hours in his own sweet little nursery...and for you sweet friend. Missing you terribly. Can't, can't wait to catch up soon! xo