Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How in the world do I have a five month old?

Gage is at such a fun age now!
Every morning I am awakened by singing and chattering on the monitor, I can't help but smile even before I open my eyes.

New things our little Gage is doing:

{Singing, with a super high "pretty" voice
{Holding his own bottle
{Saying "Yeah" (Not sure if that counts as a first word, but it sure is sweet!)
{Eating Oatmeal and loving it!
{If I say "Please don't eat me!" he growls and buries his face into me like he's a hungry monster
{Giggles when tickled, especially ticklish on his thighs!
{Chattering like he is telling a story complete with different voices
{Twirling on his toes in his johnny jump-up

Oh he is a little charmer.  He charms everyone he meets!

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