Monday, March 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow

I'm a yellow girl.  I just love the bright burst of cheerfulness in a tall glass of lemonade or in a fragrant bunch of daffodils.  And I love to wear yellow.  It provides an unexpected pop of confidence in any outfit.

 Check out these delightful little numbers that I scored recently from Macy's.  I originally bought the far right dress to wear when I was pregnant last summer, but it was a bit too short with Gage in tow, so I ended up returning it.  I was browsing Macy's last week, and she and I were reunited once again, only it was clear I couldn't leave the store without adopting all of her orphaned friends as well.

Lucky for me, they were severely marked down on clearance, and I used a $50.00 gift card for all of them!

I've also been a busy little bee working on Gage's baby quilt.  I am using the scraps from his bedding, all from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadows line.  So far....

Now, if you'll excuse me, all this blogging has made me rather sleepy. I'm going to retire to my cheerful yellow bedroom for a little nap...

A girl can dream, right?


  1. Oh those dreamy yellow clothes! You have the best style and look so good in yellow to boot! I seriously need to take you shopping with me and you can make me brave and give me a whole new look! Such pretty pictures too!

  2. You are the embodiment of all that bright and spring and yellow should mean darling...adore you and this post so very much. And I cannot wait to see you in those oh so pretty dresses. And Gage's quilt is so super darling! xo

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  4. Oh Happy Day! That is always what I think when I think of you. Yellow, I must say, fits you to a T!
    XOs dear girl! XO