Saturday, April 16, 2011

I like the way you are

 This phrase popped out of my mouth last night when the baby was soundly sleeping in bed
and the mister and I were wrapping up another day cuddled on the couch.
I really got to thinking about what I meant by that

I like the way he talks to our son and takes such good care of him
I like the way he throws his head back in a silent laugh at my jokes
I like the way he works really hard, fixing things all day, and then comes home to fix me
I like the way he still wears his T-shirts from High school (and looks even better in them now, just saying)
I really like the way he looks in scrubs
I like his spirit
His drive
How when I ask him in bed if he wants to pray for our family with me, he says, "I just did"
The list of likes and loves is growing longer every day.

I really, really like love the way he is.

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