Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This is Discipling

I've been to church only a hand full of times since our Gagey was born,
And this last Sunday it would have been soooo nice to sleep in, but I felt a total
tug at my heart strings to go, somewhere, anywhere.

I have been looking for a home
church for a long time, gravitating back and forth between three
different churches. I was having such a hard time sticking with one!
We have some amazing churches in Spokane, and I would be lucky to be planted in
any one of them, but I have been waiting for that warm fuzzy feeling to tell me "This is it!"
"This is the one!" Last weekend, I felt the warm fuzzies. 

But not because it was the perfect
sermon, or service or perfect group of people, Mainly because I came to the realization that
there is no perfect church, only a perfect God.  And that feeling a sense of belonging to any
one church will directly come from my attitude and willingness to dive in and get wet.

I am looking for a way to live my life so that "church" doesn't begin and end on Sunday.
Instead of trying to fit church, or religion, or Jesus into my schedule, I feel really
strongly that this is the year, for myself, for my spouse and for our family
to look outside of ourselves, to learn, and I say learn because it does not come naturally to me--
to serve others.  To serve and to roll up our sleeves and to be a part of something. 
To be a part of a community.  I like this little video because it communicates exactly what I'm trying to say...
And because it has cute little stick people...(:

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