Thursday, September 15, 2011

My baby is one. year. old.
Someone please tell me where the time went?

We started our new business which has added a whole new dimension to our lives.
We are super giddy and really blessed, but so busy that time is slipping through our fingers.

We've been working 10 hour days since we started. We have had weekend guests every weekend for almost the entire summer.  I don't even remember how a nap feels.  

I have always planned, anticipated for, waited for the next big thing.  Next big milestone, or event to plan for and arrive at.

I am so aware of how things have changed, how suddenly these are the sweet times.  How I stop looking at the calendar because future time doesn't matter, all that matters is holding on to the present.

I remember when I first took Gage home from the hospital, not so long ago... and I cried realizing how fast that first day, week, month went.  I remember rocking my fresh smelling baby to sleep and telling myself to please hold on to the memory, of this scent, of the tiny weight in my arms, of my own first child.

I still feel that way every single day.  When I'm awoken in the middle of the night by a fussy toddler, who doesn't fit in the crook of my arm anymore, who is more little boy than baby, and who softly whispers "ma-ma" and pats my back. Please remember.

When I find my love's lips in the dark like they are magnets to mine, Please remember.

When I'm covered in dust from head to toe from cleaning out a storage room at our facility, and it's hard work, but its the most rewarding kind of work. Or when I see the look of trust and dependence in the eyes of our residents, please, remember.

When I feel safe and confident, in my identity in Christ, when I realize that my insecurities are not as big as they used to be.  And even though I my clothes are old and out of style, and I can't afford a haircut, I think I'm still somewhat adorable. Please remember.

Life lately is so full and so memorable.  I feel so blessed.  Every day is a new challenge and reward.  Oh yes, these are the sweet times.


  1. Hi Chantel, I just stopped by your pretty space after visiting Chelle's and must tell you how beautiful it is! You have a darling little boy and I enjoyed reading about all the moments filling your heart right now :)

  2. You my friend are more than a little adorable. Praying so much for you. You'be got such a full plate right now..but this post makes me want to cry, it's so precious to hear that life is a big/busy blur of sweetness for you. You guys are working so hard and as I was standing at my kitchen sink tonight washing dishes, I just prayed that Jesus would bless your sweet little family in every possible way.