Monday, September 14, 2009

Things That I am all a Glow About...

Taming our wild jungle of a yard-

Flowers are planted, and after moving 1500 bricks
one by one, and shoveling endless piles of sand and gravel, we finally have the materials to lay our patio. Now if only it could lay itself..

Fall is finally here-

One of my very favorite times of year is finally, finally here! I can't wait to break out the sweaters and sip my warm cup of pumpkin spice on a blustery day!

Back to school shopping-

One of the things I seriously miss about being a kid. I still to this day yearn for a new wardrobe every fall, and beg my husband to let me go back to school shopping. Well, he finally caved! I didn't get to spend a whole lot, but I am very happy with the things I've acquired.

Getting back to that To Do list-

My schedule has finally settled a little and I am excited to dive into all the projects around the house that I have been putting off. I'll give you hint, I will be doing a lot of painting.

Getting Crafty-

I'm all signed up for a new series of sewing classes, and start my first one on Thursday. I can't wait to up my skills a little!

Spending time with family and friends-

Brandon's family is famous for putting on large family dinners with all the cousins, and aunts and uncles. We had one last night for Candy's birthday, and oh how I love to enjoy good food whilst surrounded by the happy sounds of the chatter and laughter of the ones I love!

I also had the pleasure of sharing conversation and a delicous lemon bar with a delightful new friend. I can already tell that I adore her!


One of my very favorite things to do with my downtime is to declutter and organize. I love doing this on Sundays especially to minimize that chaos of the coming week.

Loving my Beloved-

I'm so excited for things to wind down enough so that I can spend more time with my sweet boy. Whether it's a walk in the evening, or a snuggly night watching a movie on the sofa, nothing eases my anxieties more than being with the one I love. We have both agreed to be more intentional with the time we have together, and are trying to think of new hobbies to develop together. Any suggestions?

*I think my camera charger is lost for good, so as soon as my new one arrives in the mail, I promise to have new pictures to share!


  1. OOOHH! We truly are so much alike. I love your list. You are so beautiful. I LOVE Autumn. It is my favorite as well, and pumpkin spice. SIGH! I am thinking I will make a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting for my birthday cake today, and run it around town to share with sweet friends. lol I wish YOU were one of those! SO BADLY!
    I am so glad that you loved Andi. She is wonderful. And I am sure the feelings are mutual.
    I love you.

  2. That all sounds wonderful! I've been getting back into the swing of things here, the kids are back to school, my fall decorations are coming out, I love this time of year! Now if I could just get motivated to finish some projects, I'd be all set.