Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear sorely neglected blog,
I do miss you. Contrary to what you may believe.
It's just that with a new puppy who is more baby than dog,
and a sea of unfinished projects around me, I feel a little
un-inspiring right now.

This week has left me overworked and a little rundown,
and today I need a lazy Saturday.
Normally a busy day for me, today it is a day
to kickback with a large cup of Chai, lounge in my fluffy warm robe, and
watch lifetime movies (please say I'm not the only one!).
And also a day to catch up with you, dear blog.

I suppose my biggest problem as a blogger is that when things aren't perfect,
I don't want to post about them. The problem lies in that things with me are never quite perfect.
I need to remember why I started this blog in the first place.
It was in part to cultivate friendships, but was for the most part a way
to document my life in all it's glory and all it's disarray.

While focusing on the lack of "perfect" moments, I'm missing all of the glorious imperfect ones.
The future is full of time to tie loose ends. I will choose to live among the frays for now. Besides, after all the work that went into this patio, I think I can live off of this project for quite a while.

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