Monday, October 12, 2009

We had a lovely quiet weekend. Just what I needed.
It was gone in a flash, but of course, they always are.
Brandon worked on the yard and fixing the hot tub while I cleaned house
and finished painting our bedroom.
We snuggled up with the pups and watched mindless movies +
drank lots and lots of tea.
The cat caught her first (and hopefully last) mouse of the season.
We bundled up and went for a nice walk at Manito park, and then had lunch at our
favorite Mexican restaurant
Church was a nice way to recharge for the coming week.
We turned up the heat, brought out the heavy quilts, and wore layers for the first time.
Fall is here, and I am committed to staying cozy!
Hope all is well with you and yours!

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  1. Good Morning! Just got back from Denver for the long weekend and catching up on blogs! Nice to hear you had a cozy is suddenly so cold and wintry! Are you going to the sewing class Thursday night? I am planning on it - I need to buy my fabric still. Hope to see you there!