Monday, October 19, 2009

It's official. The Cagle family Thanksgiving of 2009 will be held in our home. That means we will have to resort to using paper plates rather than my pretty eyelet dishes, as I can already see the sink piled high after the first meal. It means that every bed in the house will be at maximum capacity, and every inch of floor will be covered with sleeping bags, lone socks, and the occasional furry creature. It means that after 10:00pm we will gradually get louder and louder, and by 10:00am, there won't be sound.

It also means that there will be backrubs, hair-playing-with, secret telling, game playing, popcorn, ice cream, and extreme belly laughing. My dad will make his famous "eggs" in the morning, Maggie will make her cholcolate cook's at night, and we will all stuff our faces with multiple bowls of granola. It means Kimmy's sweet potatoes, Mom's stuffing, and Derek's pies. It means wearing pajamas all day, and trying not to sabatoge when we get the giggles while my Dad is reading a devotion. It means comforting crying sisters as we share our hearts, and lot's of bear hugs from sweet brothers.

There will always be a baby in my lap and a smile on my face, and I will be in heaven. Truly, heaven.

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