Friday, April 16, 2010

I can't believe I haven't posted yet about the results of our ultrasound! Sorry to anyone who was left hanging! Our ultrasound was such a special experience.  Seeing an acual baby, not a bean, not an alien was miraculous.  Every little flinch or startled kick he did endeared me even more.  Did you notice I said "He"?
Because our little one was curled into a very impressive ball, we almost couldn't determine the sex.  I kept thinking how much the baby looked like a boy, for some reason. 

The technician had me stand up and touch my toes and jump around and we tried for a second time.  I was so disappointed, because the baby hadn't moved.  Then, all of sudden there was a flash of something, and we were thrilled to discover that Brandon's hunch was right.  We're having a sweet baby boy!

I was so convinced we were having a girl, and had planned everything in my head.  Especially the crib set, and nursery colors.  I've been thrown for a little loop, so I had to rethink my pallette.  Last night I made a crib sheet out of this fabric from the new Joel Dewberry collection "Modern Meadows." I think it's charminng.
This weekend I will be working on the crib bumper....
And then I will use this fabric for the Crib skirt
I'm liking it a lot so far.  And more importantly, Brandon likes it too. So what do you think?

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